Executive Function Skills

Executive Function Skills
Executive functions control how the brain communicates within itself and processes information.


Executive function skills influence how we manage our daily academic and personal lives and strongly impact success in these areas. They control how we

  • Retrieve and process learned information
  • Synthesize, pull together or connect ideas
  • Break down, initiate and execute tasks
  • Plan, organize and manage our time
  • Sustain attention
  • Self regulate
  • Adapt to change
  • Problem solve
  • Control our social-emotional and behavioral well being


Have you noticed difficulties with…

  • Getting homework done
  • Schoolwork or certain subjects
  • Tasks taking longer than they should
  • Getting started or motivated
  • Paying attention or staying focused
  • Organizing school materials, bedroom or belongings
  • Time management
  • Knowing the material, but failing the test
  • Understanding assignments or what is expected
  • Grades not reflecting effort or knowledge
  • Often thinking grades are better than they are
  • Finding ways to study other than “reading over” notes
  • Seeing how information fits together or breaking it into smaller pieces
  • Understanding what is expected
  • Regulating behaviors or emotions
  • Completing simple tasks

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